High Grade Natural Graphite 918 Series


The product is to improve the capacity of the high-end natural graphite, compaction density, cycle performance, high temperature and so on comprehensive performance.

918 series product improve compatibility with electrolyte.

Core Value Value Core
 High energy density
 Long cycle life
 Easy operation (additive doesn,t require)
Scope of application Application Field

This series of products suitable for high-end square, polymer and cylindrical lithium-ion battery.

It is suitable for the use of high grade lithium ion battery.

The physical and chemical indicators Technical Index


To satisfy personalized customer demands, we promise:

(1) the customer can participate in the product design

(2) needed to tailor its products to the customers

 For satisfying customers' individuation requirement, we promise that customers can join us to R&D the product and provide the unique product.

Product view Product View
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